MJC High School Invitational April 3rd

MJC High School Invitational


Friday, Apr. 3rd, 2020

Schedule of Events (all finals)


Field Events

3:00pm                  JV Boys Pole Vault; Varsity Boys Triple Jump; Girls High Jump; JV Boys Long Jump; Varsity Boys Shot; Girls Discus                           

4:30pm Girls Pole Vault; JV Boys Triple Jump; Girls Long Jump; Varsity Boys High Jump; Girls Shot; JV Boys Discus

6:00pm                  Girls Triple Jump; Varsity Boys Long Jump; JV Boys High Jump; JV Boys Shot; Varsity Boys Discus; Varsity Boys Pole Vault


Running Events (3:00pm start)

Varsity Boys 110m Hurdles

JV Boys 110m Hurdles

Girls 100m Hurdles

JV Boys 1600m

Girls 1600m

JV Boys 400m Relay

Girls 400m Relay

Varsity Boys 400m Relay

Varsity Boys 1600m

JV Boys 400m

Girls 400m

Varsity Boys 400m

JV Boys 100m

Girls 100m

Varsity Boys 100m

JV Boys 3200m

JV Boys 800m

Girls 800m

Varsity Boys 800m

JV Boys 300m Hurdles

Girls 300m Hurdles

Varsity Boys 300m Hurdles

JV Boys 200m

Girls 200m

Varsity Boys 200m

Girls 3200m

Varsity Boys 3200m

JV Boys 1600m Relay

Girls 1600m Relay

Varsity Boys 1600m Relay

Meet information


Facility: Modesto Junior College Stadium: nine 42" lanes around a 400m oval. Atlas Poly 4000 track surface on track, runways, high jump apron, and steeplechase approach/return; ¼" spikes only; concrete hammer, discus and shot rings. 


Parking: bus and van parking will be available at the lot at the corner of Stoddard and Tully (behind the scoreboard at the track) and across from the stadium on Tully Rd.  


Entries fees: Entry fee is $125 per gender, per team.  That's $250.00 for combined boy's and girl's teams. Entry fees or proof of payment are due on or before the meet!  Make checks payable to: "Modesto Christian High School."  You may bring your check to the meet or mail to:


                                                Demitrius Snaer, Track & Field

                                                Modesto Junior College

                                                435 College Ave.

                                                Modesto, CA  95350


Team entry instructions: Any athlete in the meet must be registered with athletic.net.  Each school is allowed three athletes per event and one relay.  Enter on www.athletic.net, by 11:59pm, Wednesday, 

April 1st.  Only 3 entries per school, per event; and one relay for boys' varsity and JV divisions.  Girls' are allowed FOUR entries per school and one relay (no JV)!!


Events: a full schedule of events with three divisions: Boys, Girls, JV Boys


Awards: medals will be given to the top three in each event.  The top three teams in each division will receive an award as well as the top boy's and girls' team, combined.  We will also give an MVP award for an outstanding varsity boy and girl athlete, and boy's JV athlete.  Individual award winners can pick up their awards at the awards table outside the gate near the finishline.  The team awards will be announced and distributed as soon as possible following the 1600m relays.  


Timing: fully automatic timing with Finishlynx by Alex mansoor. 


Admission: Adults: $5.00, students: $2.00.


Meet-day information: check-in at table by the southwest gate only for scratches and possible changes to the schedule.  Each team will receive two heat/flight packets and any updated meet information including schedules.  You must show proof of payment to compete in the meet.  The running events will follow a rolling schedule.  Field events start at 2:00pm and running events at 2:00pm.  NO MEET DAY ENTRIES. 


Rules: this meet will be governed by California High School rules.  


Restrooms and Changing Facilities: There are restrooms located under west and east bleachers.  Lockerooms will not be available.  


Athletic Trainer: We will have athletic trainers on duty during the meet for any ice or emergency care that your athletes may require, and will be set-up at the edge of the disc/hammer field. Please supply your own tape for any routine taping treatments. For any concerns, please contact Jamie DeRollo directly at (209) 575-6052.


Warm-up areas: running events: warm-ups for all running events must take place on the grass field north of the track or around the stadium.  The clerk-of-the-course will be located at the north gate by the start of the 100m.  Field events: field events competitors may warm-up at the event site 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. ***No headphones or cell phones on the infield***  


Check-in times:  Check-in for all events is 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time.  After check-in there will be one final call to report to your events.  Running events: report to the bullpen area north of the 100/110m starts where the clerk-of-the-course will be located for lane assignments and to distribute hip/chest numbers.  Field events: report to the head official at your site.  If you are in events running at the same time, you may enter back into the rotation to complete your attempts, but you cannot make an attempt after the event has ended.


Starting Heights: will be determined meet day at the field event site.  Each field event participant will have four attempts per event.  Long and triple jumps will be "open pit" for the designated time period.  There will be no more attempts after an event is closed!   


Seeding: heats will run from fastest to slowest; field events from lowest to highest marks.


Scoring: 10-8-6-4-2-1


Concessions: a concession stand will be available with food and drinks.


Team tents: place team tents in the East bleachers or on the top row of the West stands only. 


Results:  Results will also be posted on www.athletics.net and www.mjc/athletics and be posted on the results board for viewing, after each event.